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Mainline Response Boilies
Specially for anglers who do not have time to roll on their own boilies, or for one-off visits to venues where there is no possibility of establishing a food source, the Mainline Total Response bait are proven winners. Using the finest quality human food grade ingredients Mainline have formulated a new generation of readymade baits which begin to work as soon as they enter the water. A high leakage base allows the flavours and attractors to leak quickly from the bait due to its porosity and texture. The process of flavour expulsion lasts for 12 to 18 hours dependent upon the water temperature, giving a maximum attraction for that vital pick up. The baits are perfectly round, with no scraps, to allow accurate baiting with either a throwing stick or a catapult. We offer a range of pop-ups to complement this range and give you all presentation options you need to capture today's pressured fish.

Available in Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Zest, Strawberry Cream, Sweetcorn, Banana Cream, Peach Melba, Rhubarb & Custard, Fruit Burst, Cranberry Jam, Pacific Tuna, Salmon & Shrimp, Hemp and Bloodworm.

Zenon Bojko's Readymade Boilies
It was only natural with the numbers of fish people were catching on Mainline Base Mixes that there was a massive demand for ready rolled versions. The Zenon Bojko Readymade Boilies are the choice for the discerning carp angler who hasn't the time to roll bait from our base mixes and ingredients. These baits feature our best liquid additives in our best base mixes. Favourites such as the Profile Plus flavours and Activ-Ades make stunningly effective boilies straight out of the packet. From long term baits which have ripped apart pressured big fish waters such as Darenth to the specifically designed winter winners, there is a boilie to suit everybody's taste and needs in the Zenon range.

Available in Strawberry Bird, Essential Opal, Liver & Marine, High Leakage Pineapple, 50/50 Fruit-Tella, Essential Fish, GLM Plum and Crayfish.

Mainline Specialist FROZEN Readymade Boilies
For those anglers who prefer to spend more time fishing than making bait, we now offer the ultimate solution.

The Grange CSL, The Activ-8 & "Activator", The Extract & Bio Serum, The C.P. 2000 (still on the secret list)

All in readymade form, made to our recommended recipes with all the additives included, what could be simpler. Now available from selected stockists nationwide. Contact Mainline for further details and your nearest supplier.

Euro Boilies
We can now offer a range of specialised boilies for the anglers who take their holiday's abroad. Ultra bright and attractive these 20mm boilies have been extremely effective, hard enough to use but resistant to the crayfish & 'Poisson Chat' that can cause havoc with softer baits. Available from selected stockists nationwide. Bulk deals and a variety of flavours, phone for further details.

We offer a full range of pop-ups to compliment all our boilie range.